You can refine your Pinterest search results by body type now. Here’s how it works

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You can refine your Pinterest search results by body type now. Here’s how it works


People rely on Pinterest to get inspiration for everyday projects, including event planning and day-to-day outfits. The search results typically show the most relevant pins, even if the models look nothing like the user. With the help of AI, however, Pinterest’s search results are about to get much more personalized.

Pinterest today announced body type ranges, a new AI-enabled tool that lets women choose what body type they would like featured in their search results when they’re looking for outfits or wedding items. 

To get started, open the Pinterest app, click the search icon, type a query related to outfits or weddings into the search bar, click body types at the top of the search results, and select the body range that best represents you. 


Pinterest’s patent-pending body type technology will then sort through the over 3.5 billion images on the platform for shape, size, and form to deliver personalized results. 

“Pinterest is a visual discovery platform and we want users to be able to see themselves reflected in their search results,” Pinterest Chief Product Officer Sabrina Ellis said. 

Ellis added that the company has already seen positive user engagement with the feature. People who use body type ranges have a 66% higher engagement rate per session on Pinterest than those who haven’t used the tool.

While the feature is currently limited to women’s wedding and outfit inspiration, Pinterest plans to roll it out more widely later this year, including to encompass men’s fashion. 

The feature builds on Pinterest’s other inclusive tools, such as skin tone ranges and hair pattern search, which let users pick their skin tone and hair texture when searching for beauty inspiration such as makeup and hairstyles.