Super Tuesday: A Snapshot into CISA’s Mission to Secure the Electoral Process

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Super Tuesday: A Snapshot into CISA’s Mission to Secure the Electoral Process

Yesterday, we brought together security experts from across CISA, federal government partners, election non-profit organizations, and other election infrastructure stakeholders in our election operations center for one purpose: to provide election officials across the country with maximum support to ensure the security and integrity of the electoral process. From Maine to Alaska to American Samoa, millions of Americans headed to the polls on this year’s Super Tuesday to cast their vote. They were only able to exercise this constitutional right because of the planning, dedication, and service of election officials in our communities nationwide.

The electoral process is the cornerstone of our democracy, and state and local election officials are the frontline defenders of this process. This is an increasingly important charge given the diverse and evolving threat environment of cyber, physical, and operational risks.  But, as yesterday demonstrates, they’re not facing this challenge alone. At CISA, election security is a top agency priority, and we are proud to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the nation’s election officials to provide the support and services they need to accomplish this mission.

With the 2024 primary season in full swing, CISA is focused on doing more to meet election officials where they are. We have tailored our support to effectively meet their unique jurisdictional needs. We have been making sustained investment in expanding our field staff for maximum impact. Last year we took this a step further, establishing election security advisors dedicated to this mission across all ten regions. We are proud to have this team of incredible public servants and seasoned election administrators fully on board, bringing with them over 200 years of collective election administration and election technology experience. These election security advisors join a cadre of CISA protective security advisors and cybersecurity advisors, who are already meeting with election infrastructure stakeholders to share information; conduct cyber and physical security assessments of election facilities; and offer resources, training, and access to other CISA products and services.

Another way we are ensuring our resources and recommendations are as accessible as possible is our new election security resources webpage, #Protect2024 on The page is a one-stop resource hub of security best practices, CISA security services, and CISA training resources, along with a library of helpful security guidance covering cyber, physical and operational risks to election infrastructure.

The 2024 election cycle presents an increasingly complex threat landscape for election infrastructure and election officials. But that’s ok—we are ready for it. The American elections process is resilient, thanks in large part to the dedication of the state and local election officials who work every day to administer, manage, and secure it. These professionals are risk managers by nature, and adapting to the situation, implementing contingency plans, and finding creative solutions is a hallmark of election administration.

Yesterday I was once again inspired by the resilience and security that our election officials have built into election administration, and I am proud that CISA and our federal partners stand with them in this no-fail mission of defending our democratic process.