Stop Identity Attacks: Discover the Key to Early Threat Detection

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Stop Identity Attacks: Discover the Key to Early Threat Detection

Identity and Access Management (IAM) systems are a staple to ensure only authorized individuals or entities have access to specific resources in order to protect sensitive information and secure business assets.
But did you know that today over 80% of attacks now involve identity, compromised credentials or bypassing the authentication mechanism? Recent breaches at MGM and Caesars have underscored that, despite best efforts, it is not “if” but “when” a successful attack will have bypassed authentication and authorization controls. Account takeover, when an unauthorized individual gains access to a legitimate user account, is now the number one attack vector of choice for malicious actors.
With so much focus on controls for prevention, the necessary detection and rapid response to identity-based attacks is often overlooked. And since these attacks use stolen or compromised credentials, it can be difficult to distinguish from legitimate users without a layer of detection.
Dive deep into the world of advanced security tactics to enable fast detection and response to identity-based attacks in this insightful webinar. Register now to secure your spot.
In this session, you will:
Since modern identity threats can subvert traditional identity preventive controls, such as multi-factor authentication (MFA), monitoring the behavior of identities in a consistent and context-aware manner enables early detection when credentials have been compromised.
Adam Koblentz, Field CTO of RevealSecurity, has consulted with hundreds of organizations on identity threats and countermeasures, and will walk you through practical approaches and new strategies to close the gap on threat detection. This webinar will provide you with the best practices to automate the analysis of user and entity behavior within applications, detect anomalies that are indicators of a privileged user account take over, and apply to rapid response to stop breaches before they lead to data theft, data loss or other negative consequences.
Don’t wait to augment your identity defense strategy. Learn how the implementation of application detection and response will result in high-quality alerts, reduced Mean Time to Detect (MTTD) times and reduced risk of identity based attacks.

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