ReasonLabs Summer 2023 Trends Report Reveals Top Consumer Security Threats

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ReasonLabs Summer 2023 Trends Report Reveals Top Consumer Security Threats

NEW YORK, Aug. 31, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — ReasonLabs, the cybersecurity pioneer equipping home users with the same level of cyber protection used by Fortune 500 companies, today released its Summer 2023 Consumer Cybersecurity Trends Report. The report, which analyzed global security incidents gathered by the ReasonLabs’ Threat Intelligence Team from May to July 2023, includes crucial data and insights into cybersecurity threats, both new and emerging, that are most prevalent for consumers today.
Consumers are spending countless hours on their phones, tablets, and computers. With more time spent online comes an increased risk for consumers, who are often unaware of the commonality and complexity of cybersecurity threats that exist on the internet. With the release of their latest Trends Report, ReasonLabs shines a light on not only the top security risks today but also educates consumers on how to best protect themselves moving forward.
ReasonLabs’ report found that malware – software specifically designed to disrupt or damage devices – was the top online threats affecting consumers from May to July 2023, accounting for 58% of all detections. This is consistent with trends from previous years, where malware also ranked as the top threat to consumers. Other prevalent threats included:
“As consumers continue to spend more time connected to the internet, it is vital that they are aware of the wide array of cybersecurity threats that exist today,” said Kobi Kalif, CEO and co-founder of ReasonLabs. “With a holistic suite of cybersecurity tools, such as VPNs and antivirus software, combined with greater diligence from consumers themselves, each and every person can feel much more confident about keeping their data private. We hope that our recent findings serve as a reminder to consumers that they should arm themselves with strong cybersecurity solutions in order to protect themselves and their families.”
Founded in 2016, ReasonLabs provides industry-leading cybersecurity solutions for individuals and families alike, including its flagship product, RAV Endpoint Protection, as well as an Endpoint Detection and Response, DNS, VPN, Parental Control App, and more. To learn more about the findings from its recent report, click here.
About ReasonLabs:
ReasonLabs is a leading cybersecurity company equipping tens of millions of home users with the same level of cyber protection utilized by Fortune 500 companies. Its AI-powered, next-generation antivirus engine scans billions of files around the world to predict and prevent cyberattacks in real-time, 24/7. Its flagship product, RAV Endpoint Protection, together with its other products combine to form a multilayered solution that safeguards home users against next-generation threats. Co-founded in 2016 by seasoned cybersecurity expert Andrew Newman – an architect of Microsoft’s native cybersecurity program, Microsoft Defender – ReasonLabs is based in New York and Tel Aviv. Learn more at
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