OneTrust Data Governance Review (2023): Features & Pricing

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OneTrust Data Governance Review (2023): Features & Pricing

OneTrust Data Governance Review (2023): Features & Pricing
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This is a comprehensive OneTrust data governance review, covering features, pricing and more. Use this guide to find out if it is the best solution for you.
Pricing: OneTrust does not offer transparent pricing details on its website. Those interested can test its 14-day free trial before speaking with the sales team for more details.
Key features:
Best for: Medium to large enterprises looking to consolidate data security.

OneTrust is a unique cloud solutions provider that specializes in privacy, compliance, sustainability and data governance. With thousands of leading small and large companies — including Carrefour, Samsung, Oracle, Allianz and Akami — the OneTrust technology platform connects data and processes so companies can put trust at the center of their operations and culture.
In this report, we dive into OneTrust’s offerings to understand their features, strengths and cons and how they can impact your business.
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OneTrust offers a wide range of solutions and add-ons. For starters, there is a 14-day free trial for the Privacy & Data Governance, GRC & Security Assurance, Ethics & Compliance and ESG solutions.
For those interested in the OneTrust Trust Intelligence Platform, OneTrust Trust Intelligence Cloud Solutions, OneTrust GRC and Security Assurance Cloud, Large Enterprise, or Special Industry plans, please contact OneTrust’s sales team.
Organizations choose OneTrust to better manage supply chains, cyberthreats, global disruptions and natural disasters while simultaneously navigating compliance, regulations and ethical issues. OneTrust supports these efforts with automation and intelligent systems. Let’s dive into the top features of the most popular OneTrust solutions.
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OneTrust’s Intelligence Platform is an AI-powered, cloud-based technology that supports centralized workflow automation as well as issue, process and policy management. Additionally, the system enables analytics and reporting with requirements and risk mitigation. The platform works across four main trust clouds:
The OneTrust Privacy and Data Governance Cloud helps companies understand their data and what they do with it. Operational throughout the input, storage, management and disposal phases, the system is designed for the full data life cycle.
Companies turn to OneTrust Privacy and Data Governance Cloud to adopt best-in-class privacy practices and build trust among customers and partners while delivering more valuable experiences and creating business value through trust.
With new international, national and state regulations evolving at a rapid pace, privacy professionals have watched their day-to-day operations reach new levels of complexity. Maintaining an efficient global privacy program has proven critical to avoiding reputation damage, fines and lawsuits while also opening up new business opportunities.
Figure A
With OneTrust Privacy and Data Governance Cloud, companies can:
The OneTrust GRC and Security Assurance Cloud helps companies effectively manage the risk brought on by third parties. At the same time, they are able to gain the visibility they need to make better risk-informed decisions.
This cloud solution aligns with a variety of business operations: governance and policy management, IT risk and security assurance, third-party risk management and audit and compliance management. This particular solution supports companies and supply chains in their efforts to stay resilient through continuous cyberthreats, global crises and natural disasters.
Figure B
Companies using the GRC and Security Assurance Cloud can:
Companies face a variety of connected challenges like siloed compliance management, low-risk visibility, low case volumes and disengaged employees. Responding to this particular set of problems, OneTrust developed the OneTrust Ethics and Compliance Cloud.
The OneTrust Ethics and Compliance Cloud brings together ethics program management, speak-up culture assurance and third-party due diligence to unify people, processes and technology across ethics, compliance, HR and legal teams.
Figure C
OneTrust Ethics and Compliance Cloud allows users to:
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The ESG and Sustainability Cloud enables businesses to build and execute an ESG and sustainability strategy with a flexible cloud-based platform. Sustainability and climate commitments are now top priorities for business leaders, but they still struggle to drive transparency and measure progress against these goals.
Figure D
With the ESG and Sustainability Cloud, you can:
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Data Discovery and Data Catalog are two more specialized OneTrust Data Governance Cloud components. Customers cannot buy one without the other; both are key to the efficient operation of the intelligent system.
The components work seamlessly to strengthen data-driven insights for positive business outcomes.
Figure E
OneTrust Data Discovery and Data Catalog give users the ability to:
There are many established and upcoming companies competing in the data security, compliance and governance sectors. As the regulatory landscape complexities continue to increase and social values become under greater scrutiny, the demand for these solutions is only getting stronger.
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Companies want to automate and modernize their operations and turn to top vendors that offer robust data platforms to get the job done. Let’s look at three top and different alternatives to OneTrust.
TrustArc Privacy Management Platform is a cloud-based platform that helps businesses manage their privacy compliance. Like OneTrust, it offers a wide range of features, including data discovery and classification, risk assessment, impact assessment, incident response and consent management. However, it may be a better fit for smaller businesses or those with less demanding operations.
Osano is a data privacy platform that helps businesses automate their privacy compliance. It offers a suite of tools that can be used to discover, classify and protect sensitive data, manage consent and report on compliance. Osano is a good choice for businesses that are looking for an easy-to-use and affordable privacy management solution.
Privacy Tools is not for everyone. It is an open-source privacy management platform that requires advanced technical skills. However, it is free to use and helps businesses build and maintain their own privacy programs. It offers a variety of tools and resources, including data discovery and classification tools, risk assessment templates and consent management templates. Privacy Tools is a good choice for businesses that want to take control of their privacy compliance and save money on licensing fees.
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To write this review and evaluate OneTrust and its alternatives, we examined sites that compile aggregate data based on verified user reviews and reviewed demos on vendor sites. Additionally, we test-drove the software when possible and scoured through OneTrust’s official sites to evaluate their features, strengths, limitations and costs.
The pricing options for OneTrust are flexible and scalable. Customers and reviews report features starting as low as $30 per month. Additionally, the company offers free trials.
Regardless of their perceived budget or customer reviews, prospective buyers must consider for themselves whether or not the OneTrust portfolio of solutions meets their business’ particular needs. Especially for companies that more heavily rely on ethical data governance and availability for their stakeholders, a trust platform is one of the most valuable tools for meeting stakeholder expectations.
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OneTrust Data Governance Review (2023): Features & Pricing
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