New Survey: 1 In 4 Schools Were Victims Of Cyber Attacks In the Last Year; Administrators To Increase Spending On Privacy and Security

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New Survey: 1 In 4 Schools Were Victims Of Cyber Attacks In the Last Year; Administrators To Increase Spending On Privacy and Security

SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 5, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Clever, the platform used by more than 70% of U.S. K-12 schools to simplify and secure digital learning, today announced a new survey of school administrators and teachers revealing that the two groups perceive security vulnerabilities differently as the district edtech stack increases. According to the data, three out of four districts say they will increase their spending on security and privacy in the next two to three years. While more than half of administrators (63%) and teachers (53%) believe that their district is prepared to take on digital security challenges, one in four teachers report that cybersecurity training is missing altogether in their district.
Last year, over 90% of educators said they will continue to use at least some of the digital tools they adopted during the pandemic, as schools increasingly embrace devices and digital platforms to enable individualized instruction and student support. But with the expanded access to technology comes greater responsibility on schools and their edtech partners to protect the information these tools may collect. In 2021, nearly a million students were impacted by 67 ransomware attacks against schools, with a cost of over $3.5 billion in downtime.  
To help district and school leaders navigate new edtech practices in this era of increased usage, Clever surveyed almost 4,000 teachers and administrators. The data suggest that educators and administrators perceive the risks in schools differently: only 11% of teachers said a cybersecurity incident would be very likely, but one in four administrators say their district already experienced a hack, phishing incident, data breach, or other cyber attack in the past year.
“Creating a safe digital learning environment requires that everyone — administrators, educators, students — play a role,” said Mohit Gupta, who oversees security products at Clever. “Cybersecurity is a team sport, and the differences highlighted in the survey offer us a path forward to address vulnerabilities in our schools. While the groups differ on where the risks exist, they agree on what can be done: more training for educators, the use of security tools, and increased specialized staff.”
Among additional key findings from Clever’s Cybersecure 2023 report:
The survey, administered throughout October 2022 using Clever’s user database, asked more than 800 US-based school administrators and more than 3,000 US-based educators. To see the full findings and methodology, click here.
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