Managing and Mitigating Risk From Unknown Unknowns

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Managing and Mitigating Risk From Unknown Unknowns

Modern IT environments are purposefully designed to be dynamic, evolving organically through things such as cloud computing, Internet of Things (IoT) devices, and, for many organizations, through mergers and acquisitions and supply chain business relationships. While enabling greater business efficiency and effectiveness, often infrastructure and data are added ad hoc without looping in the IT team or adhering to organizational security policies. The result is unmanaged or unknown infrastructure within the technology ecosystem, which introduces hidden risk.
Most security teams will acknowledge a lack of visibility in this dynamic environment. Whether it’s credentialed access or missing agents, it’s common to have a gap in visibility. However, unknown unknowns present an even more significant visibility challenge in most organizations.
To solve for unknown unknowns, security teams need to establish mechanisms and processes to maintain an up-to-date inventory of all known assets associated with their organization and the vulnerabilities that can be used by threat actors as entry points into the network. The more known about the organization, the more information to perform active and continuous search for unknowns, and even fewer unknown unknowns.
Below are five practical steps to closing visibility gaps:
Managing and mitigating risk from known threats is challenging enough for already over-stretched security teams. By following the steps above, organizations can uplevel their attack surface management programs and gain greater visibility into potential risk within their extended ecosystem as well.
About the Author Jonathan Cran

Jonathan Cran is head of engineering, Mandiant Advantage Attack Surface Management, at Mandiant and was the founder and CEO of Intrigue prior to its acquisition by Mandiant in 2021. An experienced entrepreneur and builder, he’s passionate about delivering high-quality outcomes and data-driven solutions, particularly when they require significant technical leadership. He is constantly striving to understand customers’ challenges and deliver elegant solutions. His background includes hands-on experience as a security practitioner and leadership roles at companies such as Kenna Security, Bugcrowd, and Rapid7.
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