LABScon Replay | Chasing Shadows | The Rise of a Prolific Espionage Actor

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LABScon Replay | Chasing Shadows | The Rise of a Prolific Espionage Actor

In an engaging exploration at LABSCon, Kris McConkey unveils the evolution and significance of a cyber espionage actor, dubbed as a “superpower” in the digital espionage arena. This actor, initially engaged in phishing campaigns, has matured into one of the most technically sophisticated and deeply entrenched entities in cyber espionage.
Tracing back over a decade, public and private intelligence reports have consistently highlighted the actor’s growing sophistication. From early stages marked by widespread malware distribution, such as PlugX and ShadowPad, to a more controlled dissemination of advanced tools like Crosswalk and Sidewalk, the actor has demonstrated a strategic tightening of their operational framework.
The actor’s technical prowess is evident through the use of ShadowPad, a tool first emerged around 2015, with SentinelOne offering a comprehensive analysis on its evolution. Notably, ShadowPad has been adopted by at least 13 distinct threat actors, showcasing its wide influence. Introducing ScatterBee loader in 2020 marked a significant technical leap, showcasing advanced obfuscation techniques that complicate malware analysis efforts.
The presentation delves into the operational intricacies of the espionage actor, including their unique approach to malware loading and execution. A notable shift was observed in August 2022, with the discovery of a new ShadowPad variant that employed a novel execution mechanism, further emphasizing the actor’s ongoing innovation and adaptation.
The actor’s operational scope is global, impacting over 35 countries across various sectors. This widespread engagement underscores the actor’s strategic intent and capability to infiltrate various targets, from governmental bodies to the telecommunications sector. Their focus extends to high-value targets, leveraging tailored malware like FunnySwitch and Spider for specific operations.
An in-depth analysis of the actor’s infrastructure reveals a multi-layered approach, involving relay networks and virtual private servers to obfuscate their activities. This infrastructure supports various capabilities, from direct victim access to sophisticated tunneling techniques, enabling the actor to maintain a persistent threat landscape.
In conclusion, the rise of this espionage actor from modest beginnings to becoming a formidable force in cyber espionage illustrates a significant shift in the cyber threat landscape. Their ability to innovate, adapt, and execute sophisticated cyber operations underscores the need for advanced defensive strategies and international cooperation to counteract their pervasive influence.
Watch the full presentation:

Kris leads PwC’s Global Cyber Threat Intelligence practice, which tracks a wide variety of targeted threat actors operating from more than 25 countries.
Kris also leads the EMEA Cyber Threat Operations practice – a front line technical services group responsible for a portfolio of defensive and offensive cyber security services to help clients detect and respond to cyber security threats and incidents. He has spent the past 17 years at PwC delivering cyber incident response, threat hunting and threat research services to global clients.
This presentation was featured live at LABScon, an immersive 3-day conference bringing together the world’s top cybersecurity minds, hosted by SentinelOne’s research arm, SentinelLabs.
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In the era of interconnectivity, when markets, geographies, and jurisdictions merge in the melting pot of the digital domain, the perils of the threat ecosystem become unparalleled. Crimeware families achieve an unparalleled level of technical sophistication, APT groups are competing in fully-fledged cyber warfare, while once decentralized and scattered threat actors are forming adamant alliances of operating as elite corporate espionage teams.
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