Extending the Breadth and Depth of our Partnerships – JCDC 2024 Priorities 

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Extending the Breadth and Depth of our Partnerships – JCDC 2024 Priorities 

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By Clayton Romans, Associate Director
In 2021, we established the Joint Cyber Defense Collaborative (JCDC) to bring together industry and government partners with new and challenging goals: enable persistent, trusted partnerships that address the most urgent current risks, and drive long-term, proactive planning. This second goal was particularly unique; never before had the U.S. government sought to engage in joint planning with the private sector around shared cybersecurity challenges. We’ve learned a lot over the past few years as we successfully executed a series of cyber defense plans. These include securing open source software in operational technology and industrial control systems, addressing risks facing remote monitoring and management, and enhancing security and incident response for the water sector, as well as gleaning valuable lessons on how to make our planning efforts valuable for each of our partners.
Today, we’re glad to publish our 2024 Priorities. These priorities will further expand the breadth and depth of our partnership to tackle more challenging, forward-leaning cyber risks that could evolve in the future, not just the immediate risks. To be clear, JCDC in this context is not a specific team or organization; it represents the collective group of industry and government partners drawn together to drive positive change for our nation’s cybersecurity.
Our 2024 priorities are defined around three focus areas. The first focus area, Defend Against Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) Operations, aligns JCDC strategic and operational efforts to counter known and suspected APT campaigns that target critical infrastructure sectors with the potential to impact National Critical Functions. The second focus area, Raise the Baseline, encompasses JCDC efforts to improve the cybersecurity posture of critical infrastructure entities to reduce the frequency and impact of cyber incidents. The third focus area, Anticipate Emerging Technology and Risks, seeks to decrease the likelihood and impact of AI-related threats and vulnerabilities to critical infrastructure providers.
Six 2024 JCDC priorities, aligned with the three focus areas, call out specific topics for increased attention.  JCDC’s Priorities for 2024 are:
I am incredibly proud of this collaborative team and what we have accomplished, overcoming many obstacles to meet the demands of the ever-evolving cyber threat landscape. Through JCDC, CISA looks forward to furthering this work with our partners across government and private sector to tackle some of the most significant cyber risks facing our country in 2024.
JCDC is a public-private cybersecurity collaborative that leverages new authorities granted by Congress in the 2021 National Defense Authorization Act to unite the global cyber community in the collective defense of cyberspace. CISA welcomes all critical infrastructure organizations and entities with cybersecurity expertise and visibility to participate in our collaboration efforts. For further information about JCDC, email cisa.jcdc@cisa.dhs.gov.