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Save Your Company’s Resources

Creating and maintaining internal technology requires a significant amount of time and money, particularly in the absence of managed IT support services. Now you can spend those resources on what your business does best, instead of worrying about IT.

Scale Your Company’s Growth

As your business grows, your need for managed IT Support services increases as well. Partnering with us means more flexibility and scalability to meet your IT needs without breaking the bank.

Align Technology with Strategic Goals

The right kind of IT services can either support your company goals or allow you to transform those goals into bigger aspirations. We can help you achieve success by aligning your business objectives with our IT management services.

Collaborate Across Your Organization

Secure Systems

TNC offers complete online protection with the latest technology. We offer customized cybersecurity as per the needs of your organization and work with you to design, architect, and implement solutions to ensure your company is protected.

Secure Access

Perform evaluation

We understand how important it is to protect your company’s assets online. Malware, viruses, and threats can hamper the entire business and can even leave you broke. Being a cyber-security company, our approach is to assess the identified security risks for any crucial assets by performing:

– Perform evaluation and secure access across the organization, both in-house & remotely
– Discover correlations between threats, assets, many vulnerabilities and controls of mitigation
– Identifying areas that are at the most risk and test the entire network infrastructure and all sensitive data locations

Identify Threats

Providing risk assessment

We perform screening of your business to determine all crucial assets of your infrastructure by taking the assets to create risk profiles. We endorse Rules of Governing your Cyber Security, providing risk assessment and strategic management by:

– Prioritizing all high-value sensitive data areas, points of access and locations
– Understand what data is stored, transmitted and generated by these assets and locations
– Determine how to effectively and efficiently allocate time and resources towards risk mitigation

Implement Security

Install components

We install components and utilize security techniques to monitor traffic and threats across all locations and points of access. In case a problem arises, we respond and resolve accordingly. These threats may come from external or even internal sources which is why we:

– Evaluate services running on devices & Networks to detect potential threats immediately, eliminate if possible, and report
– Review and integrate devices including all Servers, Computers, Routers, and IoT devices
– Perform Disaster Recovery if data is compromised and recover as quickly as possible

Security Evaluation

Crucial Cyber Security

We understand how crucial Cyber Security is for your business. Our approach is to assess the identified security risks for any crucial assets by:

– Performing evaluation and assess location as well as access points for security
– Correlations between threats, assets, many vulnerabilities and controls of mitigation
– Identifying and testing areas that are most at risk along with your entire network infrastructure and all sensitive data locations



Cyber Security Explained

Why you should secure your business and how it helps

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