CORL Technologies Introduces Proactive Third-Party Incident Response Solution for Healthcare

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CORL Technologies Introduces Proactive Third-Party Incident Response Solution for Healthcare

According to SC Magazine, nine out of the ten most significant healthcare data breaches were caused by third-party vendors. The Verizon annual Data Breach Investigations Report indicates ransomware saw a 13% increase in 2022, making up almost 70% of malware breaches. Ransomware incidents can cause computer systems to be down for weeks, creating a ripple effect that can impact hundreds of providers and patients.
CORL’s TPIR eliminates the chaos of third-party incident response for faster resolution. TPIR clarifies every stage in an incident lifecycle, including proactive preparedness profiles and scoring, impact mapping, managing outreach and response, automating communications, and identifying key metrics using standardized data. CORL offers healthcare companies numerous benefits, including:
“We developed Third-Party Incident Response to prepare healthcare providers and vendors before an incident occurs,” said Cliff Baker, Chief Executive Officer of CORL Technologies. “Vendor data breaches happen every day, and very few know who to contact or how to escalate when they don’t get what they need. With TPIR we eliminate the chaos, provide clarity around points of contact, escalation, incident impact, remediation, etc., and do all the outreach, so there is no impact on the internal team.”
TPIR provides preparedness at scale, starting with an accurate data foundation. CORL prepares a Third-Party Incident Preparedness (TPIP) profile and score for each vendor to identify gaps and improve preparedness across all vendors. CORL’s managed Third-Party Incident Impact (TPI3) workflow provides rapid insight into how an incident impacts the business. The result is a coordinated plan of action that outlines responsibilities and eliminates duplicate efforts.
“CORL is committed to going beyond risk management tools that stop short of solving the problem,” continued Baker. “Our managed assessment methodology, the way we utilize data, and decision-support tools address the healthcare industry’s real-world security and privacy challenges. We are committed to integrating the best of technology and human intelligence to make third-party risk management a business enabler.”
CORL is a leading provider of vendor risk management solutions for the healthcare industry. CORL gets results by scaling organizational and vendor risk programs through our healthcare vendor risk clearinghouse solution, dashboard reporting that business owners can understand, and proven workflows that drive measurable risk reduction. CORL accelerates the speed of vendor risk assessments and holds vendors accountable for remediating risk exposures. Together with sister company Meditology healthcare’s preeminent cybersecurity consulting firm and certification body, the company has offices in Atlanta, Philadelphia, Denver, San Diego, and St. Louis. 
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