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Say goodbye to all the worries of maintaining or replacing hardware with our VPS Solution! All you need is an internet connection, and you are in business.
Increased Performance

Unlike shared hosting plans, where there are dozens, if not, hundreds of other users sharing the same server as your business, a VPS will ensure that your enterprise remains independent of other users. This is important because websites that share a plan can be affected by one another, and this can cause functionality problems. For instance, if a website is sharing the same server as your business is receiving high levels of traffic, it can slow all of the sites on the server. By using a VPS, the functioning of your website will never be determined by other sites.

Greater Control

A common issue that can occur if you do not use a VPS is a lack of access to your root environment. Without root access, you must rely on software packages that the hosting provider supports. Unsupported software can raise security concerns for hosting providers, and on a shared server, the software that is available will be dictated by the host. If your business is looking to use industry-specific software that is not supported by the host, then this could cause issues and may prevent the use of the software entirely. By using a VPS, your business will be able to implement any necessary software changes within the server freely.

Increased Scalability

If you own a small business and do not have plans of expanding, then you may be able to predict the amount of traffic your website will receive. However, if you are looking to grow your business, then chances are that traffic levels will increase as the customer base expands, and you will need a server to accommodate this. Unlike a shared server, which can be limiting in regards to scalability, a VPS makes it easy to scale up operations without interfering with the functioning of the server. In fact, scaling up can be as simple as upgrading your hosting plan, and this typically does not require any downtime, so your site will continue to operate without interruption.

Low Cost

It used to be that businesses would typically opt for shared hosting plans because virtual private servers were too expensive to use. However, as internet technologies have advanced, the cost of hosting has significantly decreased, make a VPS an option for nearly any business.

Customer Service

When problems are encountered with a hosting service, it can make for a stressful situation. After all, the livelihood of your business could depend on these servers. If you use a VPS, then there will be a dedicated customer service representative who will be able to help you resolve any issues and also offer recommendations that will meet your business needs. At TNC, we provide complete support and exceptional customer services for all our clients.

In Conclusion

A VPS will allow for more flexibility and easier scalability as you expand your business. In addition, the low cost of using a VPS makes this option affordable for nearly any enterprise. At TNC, we offer scalable and cost-effective solutions for a wide array of organizations, from those operating locally to large companies working globally with a remote team. No matter the scale, we provide complete cybersecurity and networking solutions.