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  1. Not always honest at supermarket self-checkout? AI is out to get you - Most PopularCan the losses be fixed?These are curious times at the supermarket checkout.For a while, it looked as if supermarkets were investing more and more in self-checkout technology.Also: How renaissance technologists are connecting the dots between AI and businessThis approach was completely understandable. It felt like a good investment, one that would obviate the need to employ so many people and to help cut costs, which is something a low-margin retail business craves.Yet the practical… Continue Reading
  2. How to use ChatGPT to write code - Can ChatGPT replace programmers? What programming languages does ChatGPT know? We answer these and your other generative AI coding questions.source Continue Reading
  3. 'We want our AI and we want it now' say software buyers - Most PopularIt's long been a paradox of the information age: Technology budgets always seem to get tighter and tighter, yet millions upon millions of dollars, euros, and rupees are spent each year on solutions with questionable returns. Now, Gartner Digital Markets -- a user-review service launched by the consultancy -- has attempted to shed some light on what shapes buyers' perceptions of software. Its latest survey of 2,499 executives finds that 20% are considering switching software… Continue Reading
  4. Stable Diffusion 3 rolls out in early preview – here's how to access it - Most PopularImage generated by Stable DIffusion 3 with prompt, "studio photograph closeup of a chameleon over a black background."Stability AI's 2022 release of Stable Diffusion significantly impacted the image-generating landscape, becoming the basis for many video and image generators. Now, the company is releasing a next-generation model that pushes the boundaries even further.On Thursday, Stability AI unveiled Stable Diffusion 3, the company's most capable text-to-image model to date, that boasts many upgrades from its predecessor… Continue Reading
  5. AI could help soften cloud sticker shock – or make things worse - Most PopularWith bursty workloads and constantly fluctuating streams of user requests, cloud services have given many a chief financial officer a headache at the end of the month. A monthly charge of $25,000 could suddenly jump to $200,000 the next month. CFOs, as we know, don't like such volatility. Most companies, 69%, spend more than $1 million a year on cloud computing, a survey out of Flexera confirms. Nearly a quarter of respondents (24%) are currently spending… Continue Reading
  6. Chrome now has a new AI writing tool to help you write almost anything online - Most PopularIf you've ever struggled to find the right words online, a new AI-powered feature for the Google Chrome browser is here to help.Late last year, Google began testing a "Help me write" feature for Chrome that promised to help users write just about any kind of text online -- from reviews to customer service requests to marketplace listings. Also: Need Google Chrome to load pages faster? Enable this feature to speed it upStarting today, that… Continue Reading
  7. Why Google just banned Gemini from generating images of people - Most PopularAI image generators allow you to generate images of anything you can think of, including historical figures. However, when users started asking Google's Gemini to depict historical figures or groups of people, they were in for a surprise. In the past week, when users asked Gemini to generate images of historical figures or people of different races or nationalities, they began to notice that none of the images were true to the prompt. Rather, the… Continue Reading
  8. Microsoft releases its internal generative AI red teaming tool to the public - Most PopularDespite the advanced capabilities of generative AI (gen AI) models, we have seen many instances of them going rogue, hallucinating, or having loopholes malicious actors can exploit. To help mitigate that issue, Microsoft is unveiling a tool that can help identify risks in generative AI systems. On Thursday, Microsoft released its Python Risk Identification Toolkit for generative AI (PyRIT), a tool Microsoft's AI Red Team has been using to check for risks in its gen AI… Continue Reading
  9. Boost Your Content With a Lifetime of Exciting Visuals for Only $100 - Boost Your Content With a Lifetime of Exciting Visuals for Only $100Your email has been sentTL;DR: Use exciting visuals to boost your content with a lifetime subscription to the JumpStory Essentials Plan — it’s available to new users right now for only $99.99, 66% off the usual subscription price of $299.Ditch those boring stock images. Your content deserves better. Now you can choose from authentic, relatable and relevant visuals that will grab the attention of… Continue Reading
  10. This AI app will soon screen for type 2 diabetes using just a 6-10 second voice clip - Most PopularDiabetes is a disease that occurs because of the body's inability to produce or use a vital elixir called insulin. Made by the pancreas, insulin helps absorb glucose and provides the body with energy to function.There are two basic types of diabetes: Type 1, where the pancreas has been attacked by the body's own immune system and is not able to produce any insulin at all; and type 2, which makes up over 90%… Continue Reading






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