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Welcome to How To’s – A blog that provide readers with daily computer tutorials, technology news, software reviews, and personal computing tips.

A collection of Tech Tip features, which answer questions about technology, devices and apps in our lives.


  1. What should you do with an old Android smartphone? And how old is too old? - People are making their old hardware last longer or they are passing on old smartphones and tablets to their kids. But at what point does old become too old? When it comes to an Android smartphone (or tablet… remember those?), at what point does old become too old, and time to consign it to the… Continue Reading
  2. Remote work: 10 ways to upgrade your working from home setup - Working from home for months has probably exposed a few gaps in your tech portfolio. Here are some pointers on how to fix them. 'Disruption' may be an overused word, but it's hard to find a better one to describe the effect of the 2020 coronavirus pandemic on organizations of all kinds. But what comes… Continue Reading
  3. How to Launch Google Assistant by Tapping the Back of Your Android Device - Android devices include a few options for launching Google Assistant. Some can be squeezed, others have physical buttons, and there are screen gestures. It’s also possible to launch by tapping the back of your device. Here’s how to do it. First, in order to do this, you’ll need an app called “Tap, Tap.” It’s not… Continue Reading
  4. iPhone 11 screen replacement: how to get Apple to fix it for free - iPhone 11 screen problems? Here’s how to fix this issue   Has your iPhone 11 screen mysteriously stopped registering your touch? It might be a known issue that Apple has finally acknowledged - and they may replace it for you for free. Here’s how to see if your device qualifies and get its display switched… Continue Reading