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Welcome to How To’s – A blog that provide readers with daily computer tutorials, technology news, software reviews, and personal computing tips.

A collection of Tech Tip features, which answer questions about technology, devices and apps in our lives.


  1. Penetration Testing Services: Protect Your Data Now - Discover the importance of penetration testing services to protect your data. Learn how to secure your business against cyber threats effectively. Continue Reading
  2. Windows 10 5 ways to save your Windows 10 PC in 2025 – and most are free -   NurPhoto/Getty Images We all know that some perfectly good Windows 10 PCs can't be upgraded to Windows 11. But did you know that Canalys Insights estimated there are 240 million Windows 10 PCs doomed to the trash heap because they can't be upgraded to Windows 11 after Microsoft dumps Windows 10 support on October 14, 2025? Wow. That's a lot of trashed PCs. And, it may be worse than that. By IT asset management… Continue Reading
  3. Master Cyber Risk Management: Essential Strategies & Tips - Discover essential strategies and tips for mastering cyber risk management to protect your business from cyber threats effectively. Continue Reading
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  5. IT Risk Assessment: Identifying and Managing Risks Effectively - Learn how to identify and manage IT risks effectively with our comprehensive guide on IT risk assessment, best practices, and mitigation strategies. Continue Reading
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  8. Researchers Warn of Chinese-Aligned Hackers Targeting South China Sea Countries - Cybersecurity researchers have disclosed details of a previously undocumented threat group called Unfading Sea Haze that's believed to have been active since 2018. The intrusion singled out high-level organizations in South China Sea countries, particularly military and government targets, Bitdefender said in a report shared with The Hacker News. "The investigation revealed a troubling trend beyond the historical context," Martin Zugec, technical solutions director at Bitdefender, said, adding it identified a total of eight victims… Continue Reading
  9. SaaS Security The Ultimate SaaS Security Posture Management Checklist, 2025 Edition - Since the first edition of The Ultimate SaaS Security Posture Management (SSPM) Checklist was released three years ago, the corporate SaaS sprawl has been growing at a double-digit pace. In large enterprises, the number of SaaS applications in use today is in the hundreds, spread across departmental stacks, complicating the job of security teams to protect organizations against evolving threats. As SaaS security becomes a top priority, enterprises are turning to SaaS Security Posture Management… Continue Reading
  10. Why Security Audits Are Essential for Your Business - Discover why security audits are essential for your business. Learn key benefits, steps, and how they protect against cyber threats. Continue Reading