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  1. The Linux Foundation and its partners are working on cryptography for the post-quantum world - We know the end of the line is in sight for classical cryptography. All the security encryption that protects our bank accounts, websites, and credit cards today will eventually be broken. That's not just a threat; that's the reality. When Q-Day comes, which is the day quantum computers can break our existing encryption methods, we'll need a replacement for Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), RSA, and Blowfish. That's why the Linux Foundation and others have united… Continue Reading
  2. Linux Mint 21.3 is here – and it’s outstanding - The Linux Mint community has once again released a top-tier Linux desktop: Linux Mint 21.3 Virginia. I've used more Linux distributions than most people, and Mint is my favorite desktop distro. My bias starts with Mint's Ubuntu 22.04 Long Term Support (LTS) and Linux kernel 5.15 foundation. It's a stable, reliable operating system for both new and experienced users. Since it's also a Mint LTS, you can use it without any worries until April 2027.… Continue Reading
  3. CISA and FBI Release Secure by Design Alert Urging Manufacturers to Eliminate Defects in SOHO Routers - An official website of the United States government Here’s how you know Official websites use .gov A .gov website belongs to an official government organization in the United States. Secure .gov websites use HTTPS A lock (A locked padlock) or https:// means you’ve safely connected to the .gov website. Share sensitive information only on official, secure websites. Search Today, CISA and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) published guidance on Security Design Improvements for SOHO… Continue Reading
  4. What Google Chrome’s incognito mode really does (and doesn’t do) for you - We rely on the internet for so many tasks these days that, naturally, we'd prefer for some of those searches to stay private. For that reason, many people turn to "incognito" browsing on Google Chrome. However, this mode might not be as private as you think. A class action 2020 lawsuit filed against Google claimed the company misled users about what "private" browsing meant and still collected user data in incognito mode. At the end… Continue Reading
  5. This is why AI-powered misinformation is the top global risk - With many nations expected to hold elections during the next two years, the use of misinformation and disinformation -- powered by artificial intelligence (AI) -- will be the most severe global risk. As citizens continue to worry about the rising cost of living, associated risks from AI-powered misinformation on societal cohesion will dominate the landscape this year, according to the Global Risks Report 2024 released by the World Economic Forum (WEF). "The nexus between falsified… Continue Reading
  6. Update your iPhone and turn on Stolen Device Protection ASAP. Here’s why - Apple has rolled out a new update that promises to better secure your iPhone from the bad guys. Released on Monday, iOS 17.3 kicks in a few helpful new features, including Apple Music playlist sharing and AirPlay support for hotel room TVs. But the most significant improvement is one called Stolen Device Protection. Currently, someone who nabs your iPhone can gain access to confidential data or make unwanted changes simply by entering the right passcode,… Continue Reading
  7. How tech professionals can survive and thrive at work in the time of AI - Despite a spate of fresh headlines about tech layoffs, opportunities for tech professionals are robust -- it's a matter of adapting to a fusion of new technologies and relentless business requirements. Overall employment of software developers, quality assurance analysts, and testers is projected to grow 25% from 2022 to 2032, "much faster than the average for all occupations," states an analysis out of the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, issued in September 2023. Also: Want to… Continue Reading
  8. I added a hardware security key to my MacBook, and it made my logins faster and safer - For the past few months, I've been alternating my laptop usage between a Surface Pro 9 (running Windows 11) and an M2-powered MacBook Air. There's always a bit of an adjustment when switching between platforms, but I found one aspect of the MacBook especially frustrating: After a restart, I have to enter the local user account password before I can use the TouchID fingerprint recognition hardware. Can't MacOS work more like Windows Hello, which lets… Continue Reading
  9. Windows 12 FAQ: Yes, it’s coming in 2024 (and more surprising predictions) - Microsoft isn't talking, but I've collected rumors, speculation, and wild-ass guesses about the next version of Windows in this FAQ to help you get ready. source LET US MANAGE YOUR SYSTEM SO YOU CAN RUN YOUR BUSINESS Continue Reading
  10. New report claims your phone, TV, and smart speaker are spying on you. But is it real? - Most Popular Last week a 404 Media piece went viral, thanks to an alarming series of allegations about the apparent ability of smart devices to listen in on our conversations. Marketing Company Claims That It Actually Is Listening to Your Phone and Smart Speakers to Target Ads A marketing team within media giant Cox Media Group (CMG) claims it has the capability to listen to ambient conversations of consumers through embedded microphones in smartphones, smart… Continue Reading








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