9 Best DDoS Protection Service Providers for 2023

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9 Best DDoS Protection Service Providers for 2023

When trying to defend your organization against DDoS attacks, one of the more potent tools in your arsenal is access to DDoS protection service providers. With DDoS protection services, your organization’s websites can stay safe through tactics like the clean pipe method or collected distribution networks (CDNs).
The following vendors are a sampling of some of the best DDoS protection service providers on the market today, and most can be deployed in any industry, from gaming to eCommerce to manufacturing to energy.
Most of the vendors listed here scored well in the Forrester DDoS Wave. In addition to handling traditional DDoS attacks, they incorporate cloud, mobile and IoT features, as well as a number of advanced features and services.
Table of ContentsAkamai logo
Akamai offers three purpose-built cloud solutions to provide end-to-end DDoS defense for organizations. The combination of Prolexic, Edge DNS, and App & API Protector would be recommended for the highest quality of DDoS mitigation to keep applications, data centers, and internet-facing infrastructure (public or private) protected.
Effective mitigation techniques are available for all classes of application-layer DDoS/DoS attacks, including those designed to exhaust resources, those which exploit vulnerabilities that can cause availability issues (such as buffer overflows), those which exploit flaws in application business logic, compromise API infrastructure, and attacks performed by bots.
As of this writing, Akamai has not made its DDoS protection pricing available on its website. However, interested buyers have access to a 60-day free trial of their Edge DNS solution.Imperva logo
Imperva DDoS Protection can deal with any type of asset with a 3-second time to mitigation for any type of attack. Onboarding is said to be easy and fast, while the operation is simplified with out-of-the box policies and self-adaptive tuning capabilities. Visibility and reporting are augmented by Imperva Attack Analytics.
This approach provides a holistic view of all attack types and layers, and correlates these to accelerate the investigation process while reducing alert fatigue. Imperva works across a range of industries, including: eCommerce, energy, financial services, gaming, healthcare, manufacturing and technology.
As of this writing, Imperva does not make its DDoS protection pricing available on its website. However, interested buyers have access to a free trial.Radware logo
Radware offers DDoS protection across any infrastructure implementation for the public cloud, the enterprise, and specifically for service providers. It secures the data center, private cloud, public cloud and 5G infrastructure using a solution that is agnostic to the environment and was designed to help service providers protect large-scale networks.
As of this writing, Radware has not made its DDoS protection pricing available on its website.Cloudflare logo
Cloudflare’s cloud-based DDoS protection system can deal with layer 7 attacks as well as layer 3 and layer 4 attacks. Instead of using dedicated anti-DDoS hardware, every machine in its global network takes part in DDoS mitigation. Its DDoS protection secures websites, applications, and entire networks while ensuring the performance of legitimate traffic is not compromised.
As of this writing, Cloudflare has not made its DDoS protection pricing available on its website.Neustar logo
Neustar UltraDDoS Protect offers 12+ Tbps of DDoS mitigation and a global dedicated data scrubbing network to help maintain an online presence, reduce the threat of theft, and protect the bottom line. Neustar offers on-premises hardware to stop smaller attacks instantly, as well as the UltraDDos Protect cloud for when attack volume and complexity explode.
As of this writing, Neustar has not made its DDoS protection pricing publicly available on its website.Netscout logo
To stop sophisticated DDoS attacks, NetScout offers a portfolio of DDoS attack protection products and services that enable organizations to customize a solution, either hosted in the cloud and on premises.
Hybrid stateless, on-premises and cloud protection can stop today’s high-volume attacks, which often exceed 600GB/sec, as well as stealthy application-layer attacks against stateful infrastructure devices, such as firewalls, IPSs, and ADCs.
As of this writing, NetScout has not made its DDoS protection pricing available on its website.Ribbon logo
Ribbon offers a suite of core Session Border Controllers with advanced DDoS detection and mitigation capabilities. It provides DDoS detection and mitigation through configuration and dynamic adaptation at scale, with little to no impact on traffic throughput or packet processing.
As of this writing, Ribbon has not made its DDoS protection pricing available on its website.Amazon Web Services logo
AWS Shield is a managed DDoS protection service that safeguards applications running on AWS. It defends against the most common, frequently occurring network and transport layer attacks that target web sites or applications. It provides always-on detection and automatic inline mitigations that minimize application downtime and latency.
AWS Shield comes in two subscription tiers: Standard and Advanced. AWS Shield Standard has no monthly fee.
AWS Shield Advanced offers its features for $3,000 per organization per month. Amazon requires AWS Shield Advanced subscribers to commit for a minimum of 1 year when selecting this subscription tier.GCore logo
GCore provides both web application and server-level DDoS protection services with an edge cloud infrastructure. These services can protect against up to three layers of attack, most commonly the network (L3) and transport (L4) layers. Real-time bot protection and a next-generation firewall (NGFW) are also part of its offering. Interested buyers can also contact GCore to develop custom features suited for their business’s needs.
GCore offers its web application DNS services at 3 pricing tiers. Free is offered at no cost but with limited features. Pro provides more features at a cost of $2.95 per month. Enterprise provides the most number of features and has a minimum cost of $295 per month.
Both Pro and Enterprise also charge request fees after a certain number of requests. Pro begins charging $.20 per million requests after the first 10 million requests. Enterprise charges $.16 per million requests after the first 1 billion requests.
For server protection, GCore’s three pricing tiers are a little different. The Start tier charges $2.60 per month for L3 and L4 protection for 1 Mbps. The Pro tier costs $3.90 per month for L3, L4, and L7 protection for 1 Mbps. The Custom tier provides further features but requires contacting GCore’s sales team for a quote. GCore does warn interested buyers that their prices might change depending on location.
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DDoS protection providers can defend your network or website through a number of different tactics and techniques. Each comes with its own strengths and weaknesses. The three most commonly-used tactics are the clean pipe method, content delivery network (CDN) dilution, and TCP/UDP-DDoS proxy.
Core DDoS solution features include detection of the early stages of an attack, the scale to absorb the volume of traffic, and the ability to mitigate the source of the attack. This can be done via static or custom rules, or through an evolving set of defensive actions as the attack morphs toward additional targets.
A good DDoS protection solution should offer:
In addition, most DDoS mitigation solution providers bundle Web Application Firewall functionality to prevent DDoS attacks at the application layer. However, voice over IP (VoIP) and telecom-based DDoS campaigns are very much on the rise. As it is not a traditional web application, IT teams should verify that VoIP protection is included in their DDoS solution to effectively protect voice, communication, and collaboration applications.
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