4 ways Google is trying to make teachers’ lives easier with AI

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4 ways Google is trying to make teachers’ lives easier with AI

Google is offering resources for educators to help improve their teaching and learning, by way of Google For Education. In a recent blog post, the company announced it was giving its tools an AI boost to help educators in numerous ways that will benefit both them and their students.
Before we get into what’s coming, make sure to check out this handy guide that explains when the products are launched, the availability of editions, and the location for availability.
These tools are listed by what they offer to both educators and students.
This first category helps to give educators precious time back so they can then invest it in themselves and their students. These tools include:

This category is aimed at helping educators craft lessons, activities, and other items that are better customized for their classes. These tools include:
Google is making it even easier to gain access to all platforms and products, with the help of the following:

Google is also upping their game to help create better environments that are more accessible, safe, and innovative with:
With all of these new additions and changes, Google is hoping to help give educators the tools they need that can not only give them back precious time but also create more innovative, personalized lessons in safer environments while also protecting sensitive data.